Use cases

Some real life examples of how some of our customers make good use of our multi-user software.

Chaotic desicsion making

Collaboration on a team

Crisis room setting

Reaching solutions quicker with every resource involved

In crisis situations it is imperative to reach common views, review solutions and fast decision making. By having all involved resources (people, applications, data) at hand ánd all be able to interact and control, a crisis situation can be resolved speedier and with better understanding between all concerned.

Co-review and co-decision making

Speedier results in collaboration between medical specialists

Radiologists consult colleagues to reach a common decision and for a second opinion. Multiple specialist often see more than one. Our software allows them all to interact and co-work in one and the same radiology information system, reaching results faster. The participants don’t even have to be in the same location to be part of the assessment.

multi-operator interaction

Team collaboration

Co-operate & co-control

Multi-operator collaboration in control rooms.

Fast reaction to situations is critical in control rooms. On large screens it is often difficult to locate the mouse cursor and it can take a long time to reach the location where interaction is required. With the use of multiple cursors there is no need to move the mouse to part of the screen. There is already a cursor already available where it is needed. Two operators can even work at the same time in different applications.
Easy identification and locating of users; less confusion.

Co-create and co-review

Team members working together in building and reviewing designs

Car designers working together on a (CAD-) design, interacting semalessly with each other inside the same application / document on a case.
Reviewing and adjusting together, in a more easy and natural way than they use presently. Reaching a common result better and speedier. 

Classroom interaction

Kids and parents together


In education and Training & Simulation

Students interacting together in the classroom or workgroups. Learning by seeing, learning by doing. In a training situation our software allows teacher and trainees to exchange control to the system in a seamless way. Avoid time consuming handing over of the mouse and keyboard. Record mouse and keyboard input for later review and assessment.

Industrial automation, IoT, SCADA

Stakeholders together in escalation situations

Bringing the human interaction part back into system automation settings.
Effective whenever the input of multiple resources is needed to overcome and solve an escalation or issues more swiftly, by the simultaneous combination of the genius of all together.

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