The TECHNOLOGY (more in depth explanation of the core technology)

Enabling developers and integrators to build and enhance their own applications or systems with multi-user input & control inside.

DicoGRID - collaboration platform

At the heart of it all is our own developed and unique DicoGRID multi-user platform;
Modularly build software technology; as core modules, API's, SDK's, server technology and PaaS services.

This platform holds a palette of core functionality with which end-user applications are build and do run on;
Either our own products - as shown on this web site -
or integrated in the solutions and products of our OEM partners.

All aimed at enabling multi-user input & control
in and over by nature single-user environments or in true multi-user capable applications.

Enabling developers and integrators to build true multi-user interaction themselves and gaining a key differentiator over theri competition.

What it holds ...

For people

What it holds ...

As Technology

At the heart of our products lie our Software Development Kits, the MuKit and the AppKit. These SDK's provide a toolset and API's for developers and integrators to embed multi-user input functionality.
The core technology can work in two distincy variants (on any PC)
1) Enabling multiple users OVER any desktop / screen / monitor
2) Enbling multiple unique input streams INSIDE an application
The Dicolab multi-user technology is available as SDK's (Software Development Kit) in 2 variants: MuKit and AppKit; see description of each below.

AppKit SDK

Enables developers to get multiple input streams INSIDE their own application or system. For building true multi-user applications.


Enables developers to control multiple input streams generically OVER a desktop (on OS level). For building multi-user interaction & control system-wide.

What AppKit SDK provides:

What the MuKit SDK provides:

Pros and Cons of AppKit use

Pros and Cons of MuKit use

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