Brainstorm sessions with multiple users simultaneous on screen

The unique MultiBrainStorm allows user to conduct a brainstorm sessions on a single computer using digital sticky notes. Each user has access to an individual cursor and actively work together as a group. While the brainstorm moderator creates notes on the fly, the participants can move the notes around simultaneous.
MultiBrainStorm enables group-brainstorming, scenario building, conducting SWOT analysis (a structured planning method used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and voting. Easy reporting module for saving and reviewing a past session.
The process will be live and all the participants can have real time concurrent interaction. The application is straightforward and easy to use.

Some of the main benefits of working with MultiBrainStorm:

MultiBrainStorm facilitates four basic phases within a team session:

  1. Generating ideas by all; putting ideas on digital ‘sticky notes’.
  2. Grouping and organizing; Participants move the stickies around, roganize them in groups or along axis.
  3. Voting and discussion. Participants are supplied with a number of votes that they can cast on groups or individual sticky notes.
  4. Reporting; MultiBrainStorm generates a report in html directly afterwards.
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