Get the free TeamCONNECT client app  

Use it to connect to and join a multi-user session on a host PC from anywhere, using your own device as mouse/keyboard.

Join a multi-user session, with your own device, from anywhere

Use your own device to connect to a running multi-user session on some host PC.

Your laptop, desktop, tablet or even smartphone will be your 'mouse and keyboard' in the host session. You control one of the cursors on screen at the host PC.

Easy steps to connect and join:
- Get the free TeamCONNECT client app here.
- Enter the (LAN) address of the host PC.
- Go 'over the top' of your devices' desktop,
or swipe on your screen,
- You will become another cursor on the host PC.
Read more detailed steps …

TeamCONNECT is currently available for:
- Windows OS
- iOS (iPad, iPhone)
- Android (tablet, smartphone)

TeamCONNECT client for Windows

(for Windows 7, 8 and 10)

Free download here

TeamCONNECT client for iOS

(for iOS, iPad & iPhone)

Free in AppStore

TeamCONNECT client for Android

(for Android tablets & smartphones)

Free in Google Play

Note: TeamCONNECT client app is only to connect and join a TeamPlayer, MultiBrianStorm, MultiMark or MultiPaint session on a host PC.