About Dicolab

the company

Cool Vendor

DicoLab is a small software company based in the Netherlands, established mid 2010, which develops and delivers innovative and unique multi-user software for a wide variety of uses.

You may know us from our brand WunderWorks or our innovative multi-user tool TeamPlayer.

About our technology

innovative multi-user technology

With the DicoGRID collaboration platform we deliver unique multi-user functionality for use with any application, system, from anywhere and with any device, delivering agile collaboration.

Both for end-users as for integrators and OEM partners. Moving the borders of human computer interaction.
Already in use at 1000+ customers in various markets and 25.000+ distributions.

For this technology we are acknowledged as 'Cool Vendor' by the renowned researcher Gartner.

Future of collaboration

Current collaboration software and systems like Microsoft Linq, Google Docs, Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, TeamViewer and many others totally lack the ability of true simultaneous on-screen collaboration.

We bring the solution to the missing ability to work together in the digital world. As the need for agile digital collaboration is rapidly growing, this ability is crucial.

The DicoGRID collaboration platform extends collaboration to a new level, beyond any currently existing solution and our PaaS platform, applications en SDK's make it available for every professional user.

Added to current apps and systems, or even integrated into them, the DicoLab multi user technology opens a people-centered and more effective digital collaboration feature.

True collaboration is here!

Our knowledge for OEM partners

Based on own developed core technology, we extend our knowledge of multi user interaction in market specific applications and as tools for OEM partners and integrators.

We deliver to a variety of partners and integrators, in various markets. Bringing a key differentiator to their products and services portfolio.Enhancing their products by integrating the multi-user technology.

We supply multi-user functionality for use in business, education, and industry markets. Directly or through our partners, integrators and distributors in different markets and market segments.

Partner, Distributor and Reseller request are welcome.

Dicolab is looking for active partnering even up to joining larger counterparts, to bring the unique functionality as 'key differentiator' even further and integrated in existing solutions of others.

contact us if we can somehow work together