Multipe users form anywahre onm one screen
Co-review in control rooms

Multi-input, Multi-Control

Multi-mouse, multi-cursor, multi-input software.
Our Collaboration Platform and the ready-to-use applications bring live and real time interaction and control by all.

Co-work simultaneous with others

Co-work simultaneously

Connect, join and interact simultaneously;
Speedier results, better understanding and quicker outcome, with input from all.

Bringing the CO in COllaboration
Co-work with colleagues

Collaborate from anywhere

Secure software platform enables co-work, co-review, co-operate and co-decision making.
Simultaneous interaction by all, not seen elsewhere.

Multiple input devices

Effective in many settings

Use cases like business meetings, medical review and collaboration, training as a team, group education, control room settings ...
And in your setting?

True and live co-control in and on any system, any application ...

Seamlessly work together, when every second counts ...

Multiple users, simultaneous input, on any systems, over any application and from anywhere 

Radiologists and physicians at Medical Centres

"Co-review and co-deciding on patient cases is much more effective and takes less time when the specialists involved all can interact and bring their resources to the table . . All in one session."

Radiologists collaborating
Operators sharing workload

Operators in control- and crisis rooms

"Effective co-work in escalation situations. Solve incidents speedier by seamlessly involve all needed resources, no matter where they are located ...
Sharing workload between multiple operators delivers better understanding and more effective control ...
Travel seamless from local workspace to shared large screens to join in; and back ..."

Work jointly as a team, with any resource, on any screen, from anywhere

"Involving the genius of all, when needed colleagues join in and all work together in the same application and the same data. Reaching a solution as a team speedier ...
Whenever collabaration is beneficial or any second counts ... "
Operators sharing workload
More Use Case examples of our customers

Why use multiple users simultaneously?

True live collaboration by all ...
All participants engaged and involved and everyone can control;
NO hand-over needed, NO disruption of the process.
Save in time and travel ...
Speedier results in any collaboration tasks;
no matter where people and resources are located.
When every second counts ...
Live simultaneous input, solving any taks at hand quicker
by involving the genius of all.
Go beyond the limitations of current systems and software
Unseen true presence and direct interaction with multiple people together;
a key differentiating technology.

How it works ...

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