Purposeful collaboration

multiple cursors on screen
multiple users on a PC

all interacting and controlling together


New MultiMark annotator

Multi-user draw, annotate and highlight.
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TeamPlayer4 updated!

New features in our popular multi-user & multi-cursor app.
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SDK available

Free development SDK for developers to embed multi-user in your own application.

Free versions available

Experience multi-user with the free trail version; use it 14 days for free. Or even get the free version - although limited.

Reduced pricing for all

Our multi-user tools at reduced prices!

Named as Cool Vendor

Gartner research institute named Dicolab as Cool Vendor for our key differentiating multi-user tools.

Dicolab and partnering

We are seeking more business partners to join and building business relations.
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Dutch highway traffic control

Integrated Dicolab software in their nationwide trafic control rooms; multi-operator interaction.
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Multi-mouse, multi-cursor software

Work together on a PC easily and intuitively

Multi-user software
Multi-user tools

Just connect multiple mice and keyboards and
use applications and documents together.
Or even join in with your personal device. 
True multi-user collaboration.

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The end-user products show some capabilites of our multi-user MuKit and AppKit technology.


On-screen collaboration made easy

TeamPlayer4 delivers multiple cursors on a desktop. 
Allows you to have multiple users on a single computer, with multiple keyboards and mice being used simultaneously on separate tasks.
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Multi-user annotating and highlighting

Help your discussions on screen by letting each user do mark-ups, annotations or highlight important parts.
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Multi-user digital brainstorming

The MultiBrainStorm allows users to conduct brainstorm sessions using digital sticky notes. This creates a new dynamic process absent in traditional brown paper sessions.
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Drawing and painting on the same canvas simultaneously.

Digital drawing and painting together can be fun. How about painting on a canvas with many people at the same time? It is great fun to use with kids but the application can just as easy be used as a digital whiteboard in meetings or workgroups.
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Better interaction and speedier results through teamwork

The goal of our technology is to bring the way people collaborate in real life into the digital world; seamlessly and intuitively.
Simultaneous interaction is essential for better and easier working, reviewing and creating together.

Benefits for people

Benefits of the technology


How people use our software

Our software can to be used in many different situations.  Below some real life situations from some of our customers showing the many possible uses. Imagine what it can do for you.

Co-review and co-decision making

Easier collaboration between medical specialists.

Co-operate and co-control

Multi-operator interaction on large screens in control- and crisis rooms.

Co-create and co-learn

In education and training & simulation by learning simultaneously with multiple users.

What can it do for you?

See how can it benefit your situation.



Radiologists and physicians at Medical Centres

"Consultation and co-deciding on patient cases is much more effective and takes less time when the specialists involved all can interact, co-review and bring their resources to the table . . All in one session."

Business teams at IBM and Boeing company

"Co-work with any group of people proves to work! Every one involved, all can contribute and as a group decisions and conclusions are reached 50% speedier. And with better commitment."